Details: 18k yellow gold, Akoya pearls.                                               


Charm length: 1.7cm Width: 0.45cm Chain length: 18inch(45.7cm)


ZEEMOU ZENG carefully selects each of our collection gemstones. As they are natural, the colour may vary from one creation to another.

The Melody collection is a clever design solution.  Each piece incorporates a unique movement mechanism so that the gemstones can slide to create a new look each time it is worn. Additionally, each piece is playable and creates a sound or ‘tune’ as the gemstones slide within the piece.

Melody Chain Necklace in 18 Karat yellow Gold, Akoya Pearls

  • This product is made to order (Min 5 weeks delivery time). We don't do any returns or exchanges unless the product is damaged at collection. Free delivery as well.