Mounia and Tamar have reinvented the architectural beauty of the Topkapi Palace and captured the magic of the traditional Roman and Byzantine mansions that line the shores of the Bosporus. The small, interlocking rings with millegrain mountings of diamonds are a treasure of femininity with infinite finesse - chic, and timeless.


The Magic Topkapi ring is crafted in their Parisian workshop.

Details: 18 carats yellow gold.

Averge weight:  3 grams.

Stones: 14 diamonds with an excellent quality (FVVS1)  0,51: carat diamonds with a millegrain mounting. 


Each piece carries the Maison’s stamp, as well as the State’s stamp (certifying the quality of the precious metals), and is delicately delivered in the Maison’s case with a certificate of authenticity.

Magic Topkapi Yellow Gold Ring

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