Details: 18k yellow gold,red, yellow, green, blue chalcedony and amethyst beads.                                                


Charm length: 3.2cm Width: 0.58cm Chain length: 23.5inches(60cm)


ZEEMOU ZENG carefully selects each of our collection gemstones. As they are natural, the colour may vary from one creation to another.


Zeemou Zeng’s, Limited Edition (88 pieces) Melody Rainbow Necklace -a very special talisman for today. This beautifully crafted pendant necklace features a rainbow of playable red, yellow, blue, green chalcedony and amethyst beads set in 18k yellow gold on a 60cm gold chain.  Each piece is individually numbered from 01-88.

The Melody collection is a clever design solution.  Each piece incorporates a unique movement mechanism so that the gemstones can slide to create a new look each time it is worn. Additionally, each piece is playable and creates a sound or ‘tune’ as the gemstones slide within the piece.

Limited Edition Melody Rainbow Necklace

  • This product is made to order (Min 5 weeks delivery time). We don't do any returns or exchanges unless the product is damaged at collection. Free delivery as well.