The Maison restores all the letters of nobility to made-to-measure by perpetuating the know-how of Parisian fine jewelry. We will put at your disposal our freehand pencil stroke for the realization of the ring that looks like you. From the selection of stone to the finished and silky setting. Each step is meticulously prepared with you to celebrate your love story. 


Starting point £3000

Don't hesitate to contact us to and we will be more than happy to help you choose the perfect engagement ring for your loved one.



Fruit of the excellence of our Master jeweler, the suspended diamond of 1.50 carat reflects the inspirations dear to the House. It embodies purity, passion and gives it a spellbinding charm and elegance that accompanies your precious moments . Crafted in 18k rose gold.

Weight: 4.21 grams.


Each creation is shaped by the Maison's print and that of the State certifying the quality of the precious metal, delicately slipped into the Maison's case accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.