The Circle studs are delicate and intricate in their detail.  The gold work is from hand sewing with cotton thread, which was then translated into solid 18kt yellow gold.

Circle Studs

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    1. Wear it with care: Always put your jewellery on last when dressing so clothes and make-up don't catch or contaminate your fine jewellery.  

    2. Please store fine jewellery separately: Please store away from direct sunlight, damp, and extremes of heat or cold. Wrap gold, precious stones in acid free tissue or cotton to keep them away from dust and moisture.

    4. Please try to keep the boxes and packaging that it comes in, as it is the easiest way and often best way to protect it from dust and damage.

    5. Beware Contamination: LET'S Jewels advises: keep your jewellery away from chemical agents to avoid discoloration and tarnishing. Soap, cosmetics, cooking grease, and natural skin oils can dull any jewellery and should be avoided.

    6. Safe Keeping: If your jewellery do come in contact with any chemicals, use a dry and soft tissue or towel to gentle pat them dry. 

    7. Gentle Clean: Clean your jewellery occasionally if needed to remove any oils, dust or contamination. Use non-abrasive materials like soap and water, with a soft toothbrush.