A nice touch of feminity and grace, the pair of earrings is inspired by patterns from the Rose des Alizés and magic Topkapi collection. Adorned with smooth Lapis Lazuli, a stone known to provide strength and protection to the wearer and made entirely by hand. It is set with 10 diamonds that float and touch the bare skin with their radiance.


The pair of earrings, the Rose de Alizés is crafted in Maison Artaner Parisien workshop.

Details: 18k yellow gold (750%).

Average weight: 13.48 grams.

Stones: 10 excellent quality diamonds (FVVS1) of 0.22 carat set with clawsand 5.76 grams of Lapis Lazuli.


Each creation is stamped with the Maison's print and that of the State certifying the quality of the precious metal, delicately slipped into the Maison's case, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.


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