Nadine Aysoy

“I would like to encourage women
of all generations to explore the
refined craftsmanship of wearable
and playful high-end jewellery”.


Alexandra Jacoumis

Alexandra Jacoumis’s jewellery
seeks to unite the intricate designs
and softness of textiles with the
illuminating quality of gold and
precious stones.


Zeemou Zeng

Zeemou Zeng’s philosophy is to create unique designs which possess both functionality and beauty. The brand offers new value through its unique design, exquisite craftsmanship and ‘can do’ attitude.


Laurence Vandenborre

Thanks to her highly individual and creative take on colours, shapes, and textures, Laurence succeeds in designing refined, dynamic jewels that speaks to a wide target audience. Due to her profound fascination with diamonds, sapphires, tourmalines and opals. She aims to offer hype and high-quality jewels suited to different budgets


Maison Artaner Paris

Parisian Sustainable House of Jewellery: "Be Chic Be Ethic''

Their process is aligned with their ethical values, in keeping with a desire for purity, traceability and the return of artisanal craftsmanship. For the Artaners, jewellery and artisanal savoir-faire are a family affair for over 25 years.
 Both Mounia and Tamar, mother and daughter, have honoured this legacy of French Artisanal excellence. Their jewellery bears the imprint of their Moroccan and Armenian origins. The use of pink gold, for which they share a particular fondness, is a loving nod to the 'Ochre City', the magic of Byzantine architecture, the colour of saffron and the blue skies of Marrakesh. 


Photo portrait des deux fondatrices  (1)